A timbatree is for life, not just for Christmas!

timbatree is the inspiration of Joost Taylor, who runs an international carpentry business and dedicates much of his time firing up the next generation of master carpenters.

Brought up in a family of carpenters and decorators, Joost was always encouraged to be creative. Designing, sanding and shaping from the age of 14, he is now an ambitious carpenter with an enormous passion for wood. Put Joost in a forest and he is a very happy man. It is no surprise he is aiming high and breathing new life into our rather antiquated Christmas traditions.

But it’s not all about one man. Behind timbatree is whole team of people, and they are all intensely committed to the environment. Together they ensure each supplier is FSC accredited, materials are sourced locally where possible and waste products are recycled. The team just love sharing their love for the environment and their passion for wood with you.

At timbatree HQ you won’t be surprised to know there’s a tree up all year round. It has been adorned with family heirlooms and handknitted baubles, held postcards from far flung shores, sported little teapots from vintage shops and held (albeit briefly) a selection of chocolate eggs for Easter!

A timbatree is fun and playful, simple and beautiful. And it doesn’t cost the Earth.