Now the festivities are over you want to neatly pack your tree back into it’s box. See the photos below to see how.

Be sure to store your tree in a dry place to prevent damage from damp or water. If you store the tree in the garage or loft, do bring it indoors to acclimatise for 48 hours before putting it together. timbatrees take a little time to get used to their surroundings before performing at their best!


Small timbatree

A small tree very well organisedSmall tree box open half outSmall tree box open top layer outThe small timbatree in its box

Medium timbatree

Medium tree open box outMedium tree open box half packedMedium tree open box


Large timbatree (stored in two separate boxes)


Large box

Large tree L box outLarge tree L Box halfLarge tree L box open


Small box

Large tree S box outLarge tree S box halfLarge tree both boxes open