Priory Farm, Surrey Farm shop of the year!

Christmas is just around the corner and here at timbatree we’ve had great fun dressing up our tree. It’s mighty pretty if we do say so ourselves!

We know there are many timbatrees out there looking beautiful, so today we are launching our competition for Best Dressed Timbatree 2014!

The winner receives a yummy Christmas hamper from Priory Farm, Surrey Farm Shop of the Year worth £100, together with £100 in John Lewis vouchers.

Priory Farm in Nutfield was home to our first workshop. We set up camp in the tractor shed and shared it with the farm hands and thousands of pumpkins. The farmer Nic Shinner was very generous and supportive and we would to take this opportunity to thank him very much! He has kindly provided a very tasty hamper from his farm shop for the winner of this competition.

A few great photos of timbatrees around the world have been sent in already and we can’t wait to share them with you. Everyone at timbatree are really enjoying all those lovely decorated trees and can’t wait to see more!

All you have to do to enter is post a photo of your decorated tree on our Facebook or Twitter page. Our workshop elves will once again be our honourable judges and select the best dressed on Tuesday 30th December.

Happy decorating!

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