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Our Story




Happy New Year everyone! We are back in the workshop, sharpening the chisels and very much looking forward to 2015. If you have seen our trees and would really like one please get in touch!

The timbatree team

We have a winner! Best Dressed timbatree 2014 is by Michele Haveloose, from Belgium. To see her very, very stylish timbatree and many other wonderfully inspirational trees take a look at the gallery.

The most beautiful item I've ever bought from this company - everyone has admired it in our house. My young sons decorated it with Skylanders figures at first but now it has proper Christmas decorations up.

A very happy NotOnTheHighStreet customer!

I am thrilled with it! It is beautifully made and easy to put together with clear instructions. A wonderful twist of the Christmas tree which I will enjoy making and collecting ornaments for, for many years. I have recommended it to all of my family and friends.

Sam Rose